Geneva English School

Five Year Plan

Five Year Plan

To ensure that the school grows and develops the governing board and school leadership team draw up a five year plan. This maps out where we are going.

The Geneva English School (GES) is committed to improvement and development. Everything that we do is focused on the students – on their learning, their personal development and wellbeing, and on the all-round outcomes they achieve allowing them to be successful personally and have a positive impact on the world.

As a forward thinking, international school we are privileged to be based in Geneva Switzerland and have a caring and committed school community that works in partnership for the benefit of students and staff. We aim for our academic success to be comparable to the best schools in the world and our students to be leaders of the future.

The governing board and leadership team have worked together to create this plan and it was presented to the December 2020 AGM of parents. This five year plan looks at how we can meet the key areas of development set out by the board and also allow us to base our future on the success of the past.

With the expansion of the secondary school, the creation of a sixth form and the possibility of building a new school, the next five years will be fast paced and exciting. Education and the way we learn is constantly changing and we have to ensure that the students are prepared for the variable and changing job market as well as a world that is concurrently pulling closer together and pushing further apart. By having students with us from nursery to sixth form it means that we can ensure that our students are happy, thriving young people with the skills and experiences to change the world.

Our aim is to provide an outstanding, modern, British education within a caring and collaborative learning environment.

Our values are: Community, Respect, Opportunity, Integrity, Teamwork and Courage

Our Five Strategic Goals (in no particular order):

Goal 1 - GES ensures that all students achieve academic and personal success

Goal 2 - GES is the first choice school for international parents seeking an English Education in Geneva

Goal 3 - GES staff excel in their roles due to personalised and focussed CPD

Goal 4 - GES ensures that students have access to excellent language teaching

Goal 5 - GES students have access to world class experiences allowing them to access top universities