Geneva English School

Supporting GES

Supporting Geneva English School

As a non-profit organisation, GES relies on fundraising for educational enhancements and special projects that benefit the entire GES community.

The GES experience is very special because of the personal involvement and commitment of our community – students, faculty and staff, parents, alumni and friends alike – every individual contribution, be it through volunteering or philanthropy, bring to life the school’s future. Together we create and invest in the GES community.

Below are some of the essential questions that families ask us when they consider supporting the school.

If you have any question that is not covered, please contact the Head ([email protected]), who will be happy to provide you with further information.

Why does GES fundraise?

Why does GES not just raise tuition fees instead of fundraising?

What kind of fundraising options do I have?

Where does my donation go?

Does GES receive support form other sources?

Is my donation tax-deductible?