Spring Holiday Camp

Musicianship Camp

Musicianship Camp

Are you a young musician who enjoys composing and performing? This camp is for you!

Join us to explore the wonderful world of composing, improvising, and performing in a supportive space that will allow you to really set your creativity free.

Students will spend the mornings working on a small portfolio of compositions, inspired by the world around them, and learning about conventions of orchestration and arrangement through listening to pieces in their preferred style.

In the afternoons, students will have the opportunity to work on performing a piece (or pieces) of their choice, either as a solo or in an ensemble (where this is possible). Students will also have the opportunity to perform to each other and receive advice and feedback.

On the final day of the camp, students will showcase their projects to each other, in a culmination of the week’s work.

Suitable for 11-18 year olds
Course Dates 18 – 21 April 2023
Timings 9:00 – 16:00
Location GES Secondary (Versoix)
Cost 450 CHF