Issue: 8 | Friday 30th April 2021

Message from the Head

Dear Parents,

One of the unique selling points of GES is our small size. We know your children. We know when they are having a good day and can tell when they may have a bad one. This strong student-focused pastoral care is central to who we are as a school. In classrooms students are happy and learning, smiling as they do so. Our size, great pastoral care and happy atmosphere mean that the children can be children. They don’t need to worry about not being themselves, they can love sport, love drama or music, make up their own stories in English, draw in art or start programming their own piece of software in computer science. It is so lovely that at GES children can discover their own talents and be children (or teenagers) without the pressure to ‘grow up’ too early. 

Having said this, we are acutely aware that children and adolescent mental health is a pressing issue globally and so we have introduced wellbeing days at Secondary where the students are off timetable for a day and complete some physical activity, team building, art and listen to a motivational speaker. So far Year 8 and, this week, Year 7 have taken part and enjoyed these experiences. We will look to expand them across the school as and when needed.

Next Wednesday we have our monthly Virtual Open day events. These are a great way for prospective families to hear more about GES and what we offer. There are three sessions covering Early Years, Primary and Secondary. Please do encourage anyone in your network to attend and please pass on the details to your HR or recruitment department at work. 

Have a wonderful weekend and remember that half term starts on Wednesday 12 May at 12.00 midday at Secondary and 12.20 at Primary.

Matt Williams

From your teachers

Computing lessons with TechLabs

At Secondary, Years 7, 8 and 9 had the chance of a first-look at the 2021 Make X robots club run by Techlabs. The activity saw each team building mechanical claws for their mBots to capture objects and sweep them into the goal areas. Boys took the advantage for joypad dexterity while girls won high marks for mechanical design, with great fun had by all!

Key takeaways for the students included computational thinking, team-work and problem solving as their mBots raced against the clock. Students also discovered how to pilot small omni-wheel ‘swarm robots’ with simple hand gestures.

GES students will begin training next Autumn for the 2021 Make X robotics competition as part of the TechLabs after-school club. Parents are also invited to become team coaches and join us for bootcamps and training. We encourage all interested families to register their interest via this GOOGLE FORM to receive information about costs and dates for the Autumn term. 

Jason Shorey
Head of Computing and Digital Strategy

Secondary Subject Support

Not only in anticipation of their assessments in June, Secondary students have the opportunity to attend clubs and support sessions, during which teachers make themselves available for any questions, for specific support with a particular topic or if a student would like some extra challenge.

students just need to let their teachers know in advance that they would like to attend. Posters as the one here can be found around school as reminders and each pupil has the timings in their planner.

Teachers have also been explaining what the support looks like in their respective subjects.

We are really keen to help, so please do encourage your child to come and see us if they would like extra help or some further challenge.

Alexa Marett
Assistant Head (Key Stage 3)

Primary Head's Distinctions

Y5 Bird Scarers

A recent Science homework project has seen our Y5 students research bird scarers and then design and make their own bird scarer models, reflecting carefully on the materials (only recycled ones were allowed) they had used and why. 

The children shared their work with their classmates in science lessons incl. pictures of their initial research, annotated plans and their finished projects.

Well done to Ravi, Saheli, Rocky, Emma, Vivaan, Sienna, Violet and Molly for their outstanding projects. We were really impressed by their designs and execution!

Y6 Industrial Revolution

Part of their study on ‘The industrial Revolution’ in Humanities, Y6 worked on a homework project over several weeks.

The students researched a key invention and then created models to teach the class about a specific invention.

The Camera Obscura, Faraday disk, typewriter, dynamite, telephone, steam train, steam hammer, voltaic pile, or Wright airplanes, are just a few examples of the amazing models created by members of Y6. The sessions were brilliant and the teachers were very impressed. Bravo to all of Y6! 

And a special “Well done” to Joshua, Jack, Jun, Dalex, Nathan and Monty!