Issue: 16 | Friday 12th January 2024

Message from Mr Williams, Head

Dear Parents,

On Monday during INSET, staff talked through the use of AI, attended training on using the new interactive SMART Boards, started planning the next round of Secondary PSHE lessons, and heard about our new marketing plans. We then welcomed back all students on Tuesday, including a number of new families.

As the leadership team and I have visited lessons, it has been wonderful to see all of the students working hard and setting high standards for the weeks ahead. Exam classes focused on preparing for the summer exams whilst Primary students engaged with new topics and Early Years learners played in the snow.

We are heading into a key recruitment window for next academic year and you will notice that we have started to increase the number of social media posts on Twitter (now X), Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Please do interact with our posts and, if you don’t follow us on LinkedIn or follow the old GES account, please switch to this one. We will be holding our next Virtual Open Events next Friday 19 January; please share this information with friends and colleagues and ask them to sign up through this link

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the snow.

From the Primary School

Now available: Spring Curriculum Overviews

We remind all Primary parents that the curriculum overviews from now until February half-term are available on My School Portal, under School Information. These are an insightful and useful tool for prompting conversation with your child/ren about their learning in school.

A Temporary Laboratory Appears at Primary

The stars – or clouds – aligned this week for Year 4’s new Science topic. Learning about states of matter by looking at particle arrangement and changes of state, our young scientists took advantage of the laboratory which the fresh snowfall had just created to explore how to change a solid into a liquid.

They quickly realised it took a fair amount of their heat energy to do so!

Click here to see photos of them in the midst of research.

Les classes de français fêtent l'Epiphanie

Les enfants de classe 3 se sont bien amusés en réalisant leur propre galette des rois. Ils ont appris du vocabulaire français lié à la cuisine et ont également découvert l’artiste Andy Warhol, reprenant son style pour peindre leur galette. Enfin, ils ont appris une petite chanson française qu’ils chantaient tout en dégustant leur succulente galette aux pommes.

Nos petits élèves de Reception et Pre-School ont également eu la chance de goûter la couronne des rois et de raconter l’histoire de Roule Galette avec leurs marionnettes.

Cliquez ici pour les photos.

Baking Wintry Delicacies

Drawing inspiration from the snow figures created by their peers in the playground, our After School Care students prepared some originally-shaped pizzas this week!

In addition to looking the part, they tasted and smelled absolutely delicious.

From the Secondary School


At GES, we encourage our students to use AI tools while always questioning what is produced and how those results can be used. During assemblies this week, our Secondary students were reminded of the rules regarding AI in school, especially as regards honesty and integrity in the submission of assessed work. They will continue to learn about this technology in their Computer Science lessons and explore the ethics around its use in their PSHE lessons. 

AI has the power to transform how we work and how students learn. As with all new technology, however, we need to ensure that we understand how to use it and how it can benefit or cause possible harm to our students. 

At GES, we are guided by the recommendations issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications for the identification, reporting and investigation of malpractice, including the misuse of AI.

A Guiding Light for our Drama Students

This week, our GCSE Drama students welcomed a professional lighting designer to their lessons.

Learning about the different types of stage lighting, how different effects can be created through the mixing of colours, our students also discovered how lights can change the appearance of costumes.

In addition to exploring lighting theory, our thespians also experimented with lanterns and tried their hand at Capture, a lighting design software.

Click here for photos of this dazzling workshop!

News from the Sports Department

Our Year 8’s ice skating lessons at the ice rink in Versoix started yesterday, with a first successful session that saw our skaters return to campus fully energised and happy.

Ice skating is an ideal winter sport to develop stability, balance and movement control. As students gain in confidence on the ice, more challenging activities will be introduced, including team races and games.

School news

Call for donations!

We are looking for donations of spare equipment for this term’s ski and swimming activities, in the event that a student happens to forget something.

If you have any of the following spare items which you would like to donate, please drop these off in the labelled box at Primary or Secondary Reception:

  • Swimming equipment, including goggles and swim caps, for children aged 5 to 6.
  • Ski equipment, such as goggles, gloves, and balaclavas, for children aged 7 to 18.

Thank you!

Faces of GES

GES is a wonderful, tight-knit community and we are proud of the people who make our school an inspiring place to learn and work. All throughout 2024, we will be highlighting the profiles and fun facts about one staff member every week. Today, our spotlight falls on Alice Priestley, whose multiple hats include Head’s PA, Office Manager for Primary and Head of Primary Admissions.

But what Alice enjoys most is the contact with parents and children, be they new or current, and making sure their experience at GES is smooth and enjoyable. In fact, the GES community is what makes her tick at work, as is the breathtaking view of majestic Mt Blanc from Primary!

Having balance is key for Alice and she finds harmony in leisure activities which include cooking and the great outdoors. Always with her, she carries the memory of the Yorkshire accented voice of her Grandad telling her “nice and steady, lass”, reminding her to slow down and not take on too many things at once.

Born and raised in a family of teachers, Alice previously worked in fundraising, prospect research and due diligence for Oxford University before joining GES in January 2019. A pillar of our Primary school, we are blessed to count Alice among our GES people and look forward to hearing her play her hidden talent: the trombone!


Theatre recommendation

For all of our theatre and performance lovers, here is Mrs Empson’s latest recommendation for local theatre productions. If you would like further information about this, you are welcome to email Mrs Empson at k[email protected].


Geppetto, an old toy maker, longs for a son of his own. With a little help from the Blue Fairy and a cheeky little cricket, his wish comes true and his puppet, Pinocchio, comes to life!

The magical puppet catches the eye of the evil showman Stromboli who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the enchanted toy. With the help of Mamma Mia and her hapless son Lampwick from the local pizzeria, will Pinocchio learn in time what it takes to be a ‘real boy’?