Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards given to three GES students

Date Posted: Friday 10 November 2023

Each year, the Pearson Edexcel exam board recognises and celebrates learners around the world who have demonstrated academic excellence at the very highest levels in their exam performance. These Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards are presented to those students outside the UK who have achieved the highest subject mark either in their country, their region, or in the world.

We are delighted to share that three GES students have earned Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards (OLPAs) for the excellent results they achieved in the 2022/2023 examination series. They are:

  • Aneesh, who received the highest mark in Switzerland for IAL History;
  • Kate, who received the highest mark in Europe for IGCSE Geography and the highest mark in Switzerland for IGCSE History;
  • Sasha, who received the highest mark in the world for GCSE Russian

These results are especially impressive considering that 2600 learners from 700 schools in 82 countries globally were eligible to receive these awards. Pearson sets minimum entry thresholds for each qualification to ensure that OPLA-winning learners are selected from a sufficiently representative group of learners taking the same exam, and if the number of entries for a particular subject is too few, OPLAs are not awarded for that subject.

To mark this incredible achievement, each of our winning students will receive an Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards certificate from Pearson in recognition of their academic excellence.

In a personalised letter to GES, Emma Whale, Vice President, International Pearson School Qualifications, wrote “Congratulations to you and your school for all the hard work and dedication in supporting your learners to deliver such impressive results. We look forward to celebrating these achievements with you and your learners over the coming years.”

Once again, GES students and the teachers who support them have made our GES community proud. Our heartfelt congratulations go to them for their brilliant results and well-deserved international recognition.