Issue: 5 | Friday 30th September 2022

Message from the Head

Dear Parents,

I wanted to start my newsletter this week by sharing part of an email I received from the school photography company that worked with us early this week. Day in, day out, all the GES staff get to work with your children and are so impressed with how caring, creative and fun they are. We see them helping each other, leading each other and thriving in the classroom and it is so lovely that our visitors see this too.

‘I am writing to congratulate and thank all your wonderful staff and pupils for making us feel so welcome earlier this week.  From the very young to the very mature Year 13s, I can honestly say that all the pupils reflected the ethos of GES which you and the staff obviously hold dear….’

You will have received a communication from us about the market research we are conducting with current, ex and new parents to GES. This will take place the week before and after half term. We have no control who is picked but if you don’t want to take part then please email Alice ([email protected]) by next Friday. After half term we will also be approaching some parents to help us develop a new marketing campaign for student recruitment next year. 

Following requests made by the class reps, from next week on each Tuesday and Thursday, Primary pick up at 15:20 will be from the playground. Please park carefully and walk down to the playground where your child/ren will be waiting with their year group teachers (Early Years pick up continues as normal). Once you have collected your child/ren please ensure they walk back with you to the car and do not cross the car pack unaccompanied. Please remember that the school grounds are used extensively for activities and After School Care and to ensure the safety of all, children that have been collected by their parents/carer should not stay and play in the grounds. We will review the success of these new pick up arrangements later in the term to ensure they are working safely and without causing problems on the road.
Please note that pick up on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday remain as they are now and children will be brought to the pick up area at 15:20 (12:20 on a Wednesday). 

We are looking forward to welcoming Year 6 to Secondary next week to start talking to them about moving schools and preparing for their next stage of education. As mentioned last week, I’m happy to show parents around Primary or Secondary at any time of the year so please do email Alice if you would like to do this.

Have a great weekend,

Matt Williams

From Cora and the Student Council

Here is our next French article, written by our well-known GES Ambassador Cora in Year 13:

Le conseil d’élèves (ou délégués de classe) est utilisé dans le monde entier pour tenter d’obtenir une gouvernance efficace dans un environnement académique.

Je suis membre du conseil d’élèves ici à GES depuis que je suis au primaire et j’avoue que maintenant que je suis en 13ème année, l’idée d’avoir un trampoline à l’école me semble légèrement déraisonnable. Cependant, j’ai également compris que notre conseil d’élèves a réalisé de nombreuses choses – l’une de mes préférées étant la suppression du distributeur d’eau non durable au campus secondaire.

Cette année, moi-même et certains de mes camarades de classe de 13e année allons diriger le conseil d’élèves, avec l’aide de Mlle Brewin, dans le but de faire preuve de leadership, mais aussi de développer notre communauté très unie et de créer des liens avec les autres élèves.

Cette semaine, nous nous sommes réunis pour notre première réunion de l’année et avons commencé en beauté ! Nos représentants du conseil d’élèves avaient plein d’idées et sont prêts à améliorer encore davantage notre école. L’un de nos premiers objectifs pour cette année est d’organiser des sweats à capuche pour les élèves du secondaire et nous avons eu une discussion très productive sur ce sujet. Nous avons également discuté d’initiatives visant à améliorer l’organisation de notre école et la possibilité d’offrir des collations saines et nutritives pendant les pauses. 

Au nom de l’ensemble des représentants du conseil, on espère continuer à faire avancer GES pour le bien de ses élèves.

From the Sport & PE Department

STOX Skiing Socks

Prior to the ski season, we are happy to share an exciting quality product with you, that goes with a 25% discount.

STOX Skiing Socks ensure optimum blood circulation in the legs. Benefits of a STOX Energy Socks are:

  • Minimize cold feet & cramps
  • Reduce the risks of tired legs
  • Perfect fit
  • No smelly socks due to Merino wool
  • Made in Italy

Experience energetic legs and no cold feet during an intensive day of skiing!

GES special price: Skiing socks 37,95€ instead of 49,95€

Place your order here before 25 November in order to get delivered before the Christmas holiday.

SGIS Swimming galas

We would like to look at entering GES into potential SGIS swimming galas this year, to give the students that swim outside of school an opportunity to represent their school competitively. As we do not currently have swimming on our curriculum and do not train a squad at GES, this requires gaining information from parents about the level of swimming of your child and their potential to take part in any galas.

To that end, if you would be interested in your child having this opportunity and they are a good level swimmer, please could you complete this form.

This will be sent in a formal email next week.

From Chris Zahrobsky, After-School Care Coordinator

Themed weeks in After-School Care

Next week is World Space Week, an international celebration of science and technology and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition. This week aims to provide space outreach and education and educate people around the world about he benefits they receive from space.

To celebrate World Space Week 2022 the Lower School After School Care (ASC) Program will be dedicating the week of 3-7 October to Space. We will be constructing themed crafts, learning about the different planets in our solar system through games and activities, making our own moon sand, and creating healthy snacks even astronauts could eat!
Watch out our photo gallery next Friday for photos.

If you would like more information about After School Care or sign up your child for a couple of trials, please visit the section on our website, or contact the Primary School Office via [email protected].

From Polly Pupulin, School Nurse

Nuts and Pesto

We would like to remind you that we are a nut-free school so all packed lunches and snacks brought into school must be nut-free please.

This includes peanut butter and products containing pine nuts such as pesto.

Restart a Heart day at GES Primary

Restart a Heart Day raises awareness about cardiac arrest and helps people to learn CPR, giving them life saving skills and the confidence to use them.

As the next Restart a Heart Day falls on Sunday, 16 October 2022, we will raise awareness among children and adults during the week starting on Monday 10 October.

At GES Primary, Year 6 will be running an assembly for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils on Monday 10 October. They also invite all parents to see their assembly, and learn how to ‘Check, Call, Compress’ on Tuesday 11 October at 8:40-9:00.