Issue: 9 | Friday 10th November 2023

Message from Mr Williams, Head

Dear Families,

Each year, the Pearson Edexcel exam board recognises and celebrates learners around the world who have demonstrated academic excellence at the very highest levels in their exam performance. These Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards are presented to those students outside the UK who have achieved the highest subject mark either in their country, their region, or in the world. I am delighted to share that three GES students have earned Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards for the excellent results they achieved in the 2022/2023 examination series. They are:

  • Aneesh B., who received the highest mark in Switzerland for IAL History
  • Kate K., who received the highest mark in Europe for IGCSE Geography and the highest mark in Switzerland for IGCSE History
  • Sasha A., who received the highest mark in the world for GCSE Russian

These results are especially impressive considering that 2600 learners from 700 schools in 82 countries globally were eligible to receive these awards! Once again, our students and the teachers who support them have made our GES community proud through their dedication and hard work. I would personally like to congratulate them for their brilliant results and well-deserved international recognition.

An essential foundation for our children’s success is the student-teacher-parent relationship that underpins all aspects of their learning and well-being. Though our teachers’, as well as my own, proverbial doors are always open should you wish to discuss your children’s progress, our parent-teacher meetings provide a more formal forum for holistic feedback. This week, Primary teachers and parents have taken part in these conferences. We pride ourselves on knowing both you and your children well, and through these meetings we are able to build on this relationship to ensure that your children are supported to thrive both socially and academically at school.

Looking ahead to next week, on Friday 17 November our Virtual Open Days will take place for Primary and Secondary. Do invite your friends and work colleagues to sign up and we are always grateful for your recommendations to other families.

A final reminder too that if you wish to order photos with the option of free delivery to school, please do so this weekend before Monday 13 November – full details have been sent by email.

Have a great weekend,

Matt Williams

Anti-Bullying week

Anti-Bullying Week at GES is a significant annual event that champions kindness, inclusivity, and a steadfast stance against bullying. This year’s theme, “Make a Noise”, empowers students to use their voices in opposing bullying and fostering a harmonious school environment. Here’s an overview of the initiatives planned for Anti-Bullying Week:

  1. Odd Socks: Students at GES are encouraged to wear mismatched socks during Anti-Bullying Week. “Odd Socks” celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and underscores the importance of embracing diversity. This is a funny and visible way for students to express their support for diversity and their stand against bullying.
  2. Daily Kindness Challenge: Throughout Anti-Bullying Week, GES students will participate in the “Daily Kindness Challenge.” Each day, students will receive specific tasks promoting acts of kindness, inclusivity, and empathy. These tasks may include complimenting a classmate, inviting someone new to join an activity, helping a teacher, or sharing with a friend.
  3. Assembly: A special assembly, led by the student council, will be held during Anti-Bullying Week. This assembly will feature engaging discussions, interactive activities, and a skit to reinforce the positive messages of the week.
  4. Classroom Activities: Inside the classroom, students will engage in activities and discussions related to bullying, its consequences, and the importance of nurturing a considerate and all-encompassing school environment. These activities will involve creating posters, artwork, and written pieces that align with the theme and deepen students’ understanding of this issue.

As part of our international school community, we at GES are especially committed to celebrating diversity and inclusivity. Anti-Bullying Week is more than a brief event; it signifies the start of an ongoing effort to nurture a culture rooted in kindness and acceptance.

We firmly believe that by promoting understanding and empathy, and by upholding a resolute stance against bullying, each of us can contribute to maintaining an environment where every student, regardless of their background, feels safe, valued, and supported.

Educational Trips

Year 6 at UNITAR workshop

Before half term, on a gloriously sunny day, Year 6 students were invited to attend a workshop in Geneva, held by UNITAR – the United Nations Institute of Training and Research, to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals.

The purpose of this initiative was to inspire, engage and raise awareness of sustainable development among Primary school-aged children in Geneva.

Year 6 students enjoyed discovering the different goals, and understanding their relevance in their own lives and how they can make a difference in their day-to-day activities.

Upon returning to school, the children were inspired to research the goals further and are investigating how we can incorporate them into our curriculum and school life. At GES, we are looking forward to continuing our work with UNITAR on this initiative and to exploring all the learning opportunities this partnership will bring!

GCSE PE Trip to the International Olympic Museum in Lausanne

Today, our GCSE PE students (Years 10 and 11) went to the International Olympic Museum in Lausanne with Ms Shibil.

This outing linked perfectly with the topics that have been covered in Year 11, and will be covered in the near future for Year 10, namely:

  • Commercialisation,
  • Technology in sport,
  • Sports psychology of elite athletes,
  • The positive and negative impacts of the media on sport.

As an added bonus, they learnt about the evolution of the Olympic Games. What an amazing day!

Sport and PE

Year 10 and 11 Boxing

Year 10 and 11 students have been learning about boxing techniques as a part of their boxercise unit in PE this term.

This involves learning the 4 core shots: jab, cross, hook and uppercut. These skills are then applied to boxercise fitness routines, putting together different combinations of the 4 shots, along with movement skills: ducking, weaving and recoiling.

All skills are learnt in a safe and supportive environment, with shots aimed at boxing pads at all times, working on accuracy and power.

It is a fantastic unit that develops both fitness and coordination in a fun and engaging way for our older students.

Escalade - Last days to sign up!

On Tuesday, 25 brave Primary runners  turned up on the field for their second early morning (8:00 – 8:25) training session in advance of the Escalade races on 3 December.

Mr Sheppard-Burgess is delighted to see such enthusiasm for the Escalade races this year, with over 120 students enrolled – BRAVO, GES, that’s a new record!

For late-comers, please note that registration will officially close next Monday 13 November, and no late entries will be possible.

Further details will be sent shortly by email to all participants.

Upcoming festivities

Music Recital at GES Secondary - Wednesday 15 November

Next Wednesday 15 November at 17:30, parents are invited to GES Secondary (Chaplin) to attend our first Music Recital of the year.

You will be treated to singers as well as to piano, violin, guitar and saxophone performances by students from across our Primary and Secondary sections.

We hope to see many of you there in support of our remarkable young talents.

Christmas Fair countdown

Get ready for an enchanting evening as we eagerly count down the days to our spectacular Christmas market! On Friday 8 December, from 15:30 to 18:00, the Primary campus will be transformed into a winter wonderland, filled with the spirit of the season.

🎅We are on the lookout for spirited Santas and cheerful elves to bring our grotto to life – calling all dads, uncles, and elves to volunteer and make this a magical experience for all! Don’t miss this opportunity to wear Christmas hat and lend a hand to create lasting memories for our school community.

🎄Students, unleash your entrepreneurial talents by securing a table at the fair. Contact the organisers or your student council to learn more about how to showcase your creations or business ideas and be part of this festive extravaganza.

⛄Volunteer sign-ups are now open! Please add your name to this spreadsheet next to the stall you are willing to help and the time(s) you are available. It’s a well-known secret that it’s the volunteers who always have most fun at these events!

As the anticipation builds, envision a night illuminated by twinkling lights, resonating with the sound of carols, and filled with the aroma of seasonal treats. This is not just a market; it’s an experience, an opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate the joy of the season.