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Do you aspire to be a botanist, a zoologist or a microbiologist? Are you looking to integrate ecology or genetics into another subject for which you have a particular passion?

Choosing biology at A Level is a statement that you care about life on earth. It means that you are willing to make a difference. You want to be part of a future society that both understands and cares for the delicate ecosystem that surrounds us. What better knowledge can there be than to understand how living organisms function and how they are adapted to thrive in their habitats.

If being the next Darwin is not your thing then how about the next Jane Goodall or David Attenborough? Biology can take you into careers that inspire, intrigue and reward outside of many of the traditional science-based professions.

Course content

The A Level course is divided into eight topics which consider the fundamental principles of all the Life Sciences. Practical investigations and skills are a key part of the course and allow links to be made with the wider world of science. The topics areas are:

  1. Biological molecules
  2. Cells
  3. Organisms exchange substances with their environment
  4. Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms
  5. Energy transfers in and between organisms
  6. Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
  7. Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
  8. The control of gene expression

Inspirational starting point

Hacking Darwin by Jamie Metzl

Course preparation

We recommend you read and complete the activities in:

GCSE to A Level Progression guide

Future pathways

Studying Biology at A Level opens up all sorts of career opportunities, such as:

  • Doctor
  • Clinical molecular geneticist
  • Nature conservation officer
  • Pharmacologist
  • Research scientist
  • Vet
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Marine biologist
  • Dentist


  • Entrance Criteria
  • Exam Board & Specification
  • Assessment

Entrance Criteria

Exam Board & Specification