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Careers & Higher Education

The overall purpose of the A Level pathway is help every individual student gain the best preparation for life beyond school. We offer a programme that includes academic study, vocational research, community involvement, adventure and linguistic excellence. We believe this programme gives you the best fit for transition to the University of your choice and also ensures that you will be a welcome addition to any employer on the career path of your choice.

It’s not just about the next steps but also about the big picture of what you ultimately want to be, do and have.

The subjects for which you have a passion are your clues to what will make you successful and fulfilled in life. They are your direction of travel, and our University and Careers advisers play a vital role in helping you find your purpose and the possible routes to get there. They will help you work out what you want to do and advise on things such as your university choices and applications. They may advise and help you with your job applications, and they might assist you in arranging internships.

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