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Academic Performance

Academic performance

GES celebrates outstanding examination successes

GES Secondary opened in September 2016 with the aim of providing a world class British education in Geneva and built its success on a highly reputable Primary school that was founded over 60 years ago for the international community in the local area.

This summer 2022, our Year 11 students have surpassed the already high standards set last year. GCSE subjects are graded from 1 to 9 with a grade 9 being the highest grade possible. Grades 7 to 9 cover the old A* to A that many families will be familiar with and are also used for IGCSE. At GES this year, 43% of all exam grades were awarded a grade 9 (a 8% increase on a year ago) and 76% of grades were a 7, 8 or 9 which is a 4% increase on last year and all students passed their exams (the traditional A* to C measure). The average grade awarded was a 7.6 (above the midpoint between a grade A and A*). These grades are the reward for the hard work and dedication of our students and the excellent teaching across the board at GES.

The GCSE grade 9 was introduced a few years ago to recognise exceptional student performance and for almost 45% of all grades awarded at GES to be at this level is testament to the high quality teaching and outstanding educational experience students receive at GES.

All of the Year 10 students sitting language exams a year early achieved the equivalent of an A or above with 95% of the grades awarded being a grade 9.

In addition to the above, the first set of AS Level results at GES are excellent. 87% of all grades awarded were at an A or B grade (the top two grades), with 60% of the total grades awarded being the top mark, which is A at AS Level.

In 2023, the first cohort of students to complete the Year 13 A Levels achieved brilliant results in their exams, with 47% of grades at A* or A (20% above the UK average for 2023) and 81% between A* and B (28% above UK average for 2023). In addition, 72% of students achieved one or more A*-A grade.

The students who have been at GES since Primary, and those who joined GES specifically for our new A Level programme, performed exceptionally well. This is testament to the quality of teaching and the academic rigour at GES, preparing our students to join leading global universities.

Matthew Williams, Head of Geneva English School, said These results are fabulous. I am incredibly proud of our Year 11 and Year 12 students, and our staff, and I’m delighted for our GES families. These students have studied hard and put up with the disruptions caused by COVID over the past two years. GES Secondary is on a trajectory to be one of the highest performing international schools and offers students a world-class learning environment and outstanding teaching and pastoral care. Our GCSE and AS results demonstrate the quality of education that GES has brought to the Geneva area. We are a non-selective school and all students have excelled. Congratulations to all on such a great success and we are grateful for the outstanding commitment of the staff who have taught and supported them.”

Cath Peart, Deputy Headteacher of Geneva English School, added “I am absolutely thrilled with this excellent set of results that our young people have achieved. I feel incredibly proud of our brilliant team of teachers for supporting our students through their GCSEs. All our teachers really care about each individual and go above and beyond to ensure that they all realise their potential and feel happy and supported along the way. These results really do stand our students in good stead for excelling in their chosen A Level programme when they start back next week. Each student has been guided and advised in choosing the right, bespoke A Level pathway and we can’t wait to welcome them back into school for this academic year.”

Daniel Crabtree, Assistant Headteacher responsible for Key Stages 4 and 5 (GES A Level Programme) commented “We’re excited for where these results will take our students. It is such a fulfilling experience to be able to provide these students with the opportunities and support at GES to excel and succeed. These grades and qualifications are a springboard at age 16 to achieve their ambitions and fulfil their potential. These students have confidence and academic maturity to thrive in their chosen A Level courses and be at the front of the queue for places at universities around the world, from Switzerland and Europe, to the UK, US and beyond, on highly competitive courses. We may be accustomed to such outstanding examination achievement at the very best schools in the UK, but to replicate this here in Geneva is incredibly rewarding and exciting for the future of GES.”