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Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future – Michael Palin

There has never been a more important time to study A Level Geography. Climate change, migration, environmental degradation, social issues and natural hazards are at a critical point in determining our future.

Being a highly respected academic A Level subject, it is useful not only for Geography-based degrees, such as Environmental Science, but also for further studies like Biology, Business Studies and Economics.

Course content

In Year 12, we will cover:

  • Changing Places, 
  • Global Governance,
  • Ecosystems under Stress.

In Year 13, you will study:

  • The Water and Carbon Cycle, 
  • Glacial systems and landscapes, 
  • Population and the environment.

Course preparation

Watch some geographical documentaries which will help develop your general geographical knowledge and understanding and help you see what an amazing world we live in.




Future pathways

According to the Royal Geographical Society, Geography graduates have some of the highest rates of graduate employment.
Geography is fantastic for any kind of career that involves the environment, planning, or collecting and interpreting data.
Popular careers for people with geography qualifications include:

  • Weather forecasting, 
  • Energy and sustainability, 
  • town and transport planning, 
  • Surveying, 
  • Conservation, 
  • Waste and water management, 
  • Environmental planning, 
  • Tourism.

The army, police, government, research organisations, law and business world also love the practical research skills that geographers develop.
Because geographers learn about human and population development, geography can be useful for jobs in charity and international relations too.


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  • Assessment

Entrance Criteria

Exam Board & Specification