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Key Stage 5

Key Stage 5 – A Levels

Advanced Level (A Level) qualifications are subject-based qualifications offered by schools and colleges in the UK and internationally. They provide the opportunity to get focussed by narrowing the field of study to three or four key subject areas for which students have a lasting passion.

In designing the best possible curriculum for post-16 study, GES has combined the advantages of the flexibility and depth of study offered by A Levels with a modern, international approach that includes the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), either French or German language qualification and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

Our A Level Programme provides a passport to leading universities in Europe, the UK and around the world and equips students with the confidence and skills that they will need in a rapidly changing workplace and interconnected global environment.

What are A Levels?

Where can A Levels take me?

What is the GES A Level Programme?

What A Level subjects are available?

How many A Levels do students usually take?

How do I choose my A Level subjects?

How much flexibility is there for me as an individual?

What is the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)?

What is the language qualification?

What is the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award?

What help and advice will I be given?

What are additional studies and PSHCE?

What will life be like in Years 12 and 13?

Why should I choose GES?

What grades or qualifications do I need to start the A Level Programme?

How do I apply?

What scholarships are available?

A Level Prospectus

For more details about the 16+ admissions process, or for further advice, please email Christina Matillon, Director General. Email: [email protected]

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