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Early Years

Early Years (age 3-5)

In the bilingual Pre-School and Reception classes, we use the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters guidance as basis for our curriculum. This means that the children are accessing high quality learning opportunities tailored to their developmental needs.

As the Pre-School leads into our Reception class and beyond into Key Stage One, we ensure that the children are given the very best learning opportunities, so they reach their fullest potential.

Being a bilingual Early Years department, we not only offer the highest quality English teaching, in line with UK expectations, but we also hold high expectations of our French language development, with qualified teachers in both languages working collaboratively to deliver the curriculum in English and French.

To ensure we can deliver the highest level of quality teaching and learning in both languages, we require a minimum attendance for our Pre-School pupils. This will allow your child to not only develop their language skills in both English and French, regardless of their home language, but also meet the developmental milestones of the EYFS curriculum that will lead seamlessly into the second Early Years phase at GES, our Reception class, and beyond into Key Stage One.

Our aim is to achieve a good balance between language development and academic excellence throughout your child’s journey so that they can reach the learning outcomes for each stage of their development.

For our youngest learners, this means in practice a gradual progression of attendance as per the schema below. Anything between these minimum attendance blocks and full-time attendance is possible if it suits you and your child and may well bring the fastest progress.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning and lunch
(8:10 – 12:30)
From Autumn Term:
4 morning sessions minimum
Optional throughout the year From Autumn Term:
4 morning sessions minimum
(12:30 – 15:30)
From Spring Term:
2 additional afternoon sessions (choice of days)
From Spring Term:
2 additional afternoon sessions (choice of days)
From Summer Term:
4 additional afternoon sessions
From Summer Term:
4 additional afternoon sessions
Wrap around care
(15:30 – 18:00)
Optional throughout the year Optional throughout the year


We understand children develop at different rates, so any modifications for individual children can be discussed with the Head of Early Years.

Please contact us for information about availability in Pre-School and Reception classes via [email protected] or submit an online enquiry and we will get in touch.

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