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Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Science sits at the heart of today’s information processing revolution. There are two aspects of the subject – theory and programming. Programming and the architecture of a computer have to be of interest to you as both are key parts of the A Level.

Programming is all about problem-solving. Problems must be modelled and analysed, a solution designed and finally, implemented. The theory revolves around exactly how data can be represented, and the procedures that can transform this data into other forms of information. A key element of the course is object-oriented programming, the most common approach to programming in business and commercial situations.


Course content

In year 12, we will study:

  • Programming in Python
  • Abstraction and automation
  • Coding text and graphics
  • Hardware and software
  • Logic gates and Boolean algebra
  • Network and the internet – Aspects of software development

In year 13, we will look at:

  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Programming paradigms/next steps
  • Classification of algorithms
  • Databases
  • Functional programming paradigms
  • Dedicated programming project


Inspirational starting point

What Most Schools Don’t Teach – Video


Course preparation

We suggest you work through the Transition to A Level Computer Science Workbook ahead of starting the course.


Future Pathways

An A Level Computer Science can naturally lead to study Computer Science at degree level. Universities usually require A Level Mathematics to study Computer Science at University at least.

Demand for technology-based careers is very strong. Many of them are truly global in nature and will often allow you to work around the world.

You will find computer scientists in industries such as:

  • entertainment,
  • movies,
  • music,
  • games,
  • animation,
  • fashion,
  • security,
  • working with people,
  • helping people,
  • solving problems and
  • making fundamental changes.

Information Technology and Computing is truly a large part of our daily lives.

  • Entrance criteria
  • Exam Board & specification
  • Assessment

Entrance criteria

Exam Board & specification