Geneva English School


About GES

Any visitor to Geneva English School is immediately struck by its special and distinctive spirit and character. The smiles on the faces of the students, their zest for life, and their genuine enthusiasm for learning reflect a positive and encouraging atmosphere in which children are known and supported as individuals.

Families who join GES are immediately made to feel welcome and become part of our warm and friendly community. We are passionate about the importance of a strong partnership between school and home. Parents are encouraged to support their children’s education and to contribute their ideas and expertise to enrich the life of the school.

Our teaching is expert, active, engaging and flexible, responding to the needs of individuals. We break down the barriers between different areas of the curriculum, helping pupils to connect their learning across subjects and encouraging them to think critically and creatively. We believe in building a collaborative community of enquiry in which children appreciate the relevance of study and become self-motivated, confident and inquisitive learners.

Every child is important to us. Above all, we want our pupils to be happy and to enjoy their days at school. Our strong pastoral system and our small school environment in which everyone knows everyone provide an environment in which every individual is encouraged, valued and supported.

This website can only give a glimpse of the all-round education we offer. Please come and visit us and experience the soul, spirit and energy of GES for yourself.