Geneva English School

Academic Support

Academic Support

GES welcomes all children who can fully benefit from the opportunities we offer, and provides a broad and balanced curriculum where children can flourish in their learning. English is the primary language of the school so all children need to have appropriate fluency in spoken English in order to access the curriculum.

When planning, teachers set suitable learning challenges and respond to children’s diverse learning needs. Some children exhibit particular abilities and talents while others can experience certain barriers to learning. Both need additional attention and the Learning Support department helps teachers to deliver this.

Although the Learning Support department plays an instrumental role in the educational provision for all children, we recognise that the reasons for, and the nature of, the support provided can be different. Children with special educational needs may have learning difficulties that call for additional provision to be made. Any child may have specific needs at some time in their lives. The school informally assesses each child and makes the appropriate provision based on an individual’s identified needs, within the scope of the school’s learning support resources and in communication with parents.

Occasionally, there are students enrolled at GES with dyslexia/AD(H)D who take advantage of a morning half-day programme taught by Oak Hill School in Nyon whilst continuing to attend the remainder of the day at our school.