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Academic Support

Academic Support

In line with the GES values and mission statement, the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) team aims to ensure that all students have the right to learn and to realise their intellectual, social and physical potential, whilst making a positive contribution in an environment where they feel safe.

At GES, our aim is that each child achieves as highly as they possibly can, fulfilling their individual potential. English is the primary language of the school so all children need to have appropriate fluency in English in order to access the curriculum.

At GES we work hard to promote the welfare, respect and interests of our students with SEND or neurodivergence; working together with families to provide appropriate levels of support and accessibility across the curriculum. We use resources available to us to ensure excellent provision is delivered for every learner in school. We recognise that this support is individual to each learner and is flexible.

To this end, at GES, we have high aspirations and expectations of our learners and want all students to feel that they are a valued part of our school community. We provide a breadth of opportunity for all students, including those with neurodivergent learning styles and/or those who are differently abled. Provision for these students’ needs is a matter for the school as a whole and is the responsibility of every staff member.

We recognise that students have different needs at different times and it is the collective responsibility of teachers within school to address these needs and provide for them. At GES we also recognise the importance of a student-centered approach and have this at the heart of our planning. All students and their families will be included in the educational decision-making process and the development of their own learning.

The SEND offer reflects the GES’s commitment to the inclusion, safety and wellbeing of our students and is reviewed regularly to ensure this practice is maintained and follows the whole school ethos.

Occasionally, there are students enrolled at GES with dyslexia/AD(H)D who take advantage of a morning half-day programme taught by Oak Hill School in Nyon whilst continuing to attend the remainder of the day at our school.