Geneva English School



While our youngest children in Pre-School start their journey in a bilingual environment, they follow a gradual introduction of a more structured French language learning as part of their curriculum. French is taught by a staff of six qualified and experienced mother-tongue teachers. Children are grouped according to their knowledge and ability.

French lessons for the younger children focus on conversation, collaborative games and songs to help them easily absorb grammar and new vocabulary. As the children progress through GES, more emphasis is placed on writing and grammar while continuing their French speaking. Year 6 have pen-friends from Saint Jean-Baptiste school in Megève and meet with them twice a year.

The French Department organises a variety of interesting outings and holiday camps that help bring French language learning to life for the children. These include:

  • Le théâtre des marionettes: Les Croquettes
  • Le théâtre des marionettes de Genève
  • Musée d’histoire naturelle
  • Alimentarium (Vevey)
  • Vieille ville de Genève pour l’Escalade
  • Pièces de théâtre à AmStramGram
  • Aquatis (Lausanne)
  • Musée du château de Prangins
  • Musée Charlie Chaplin
  • Le cirque Starlight
  • Concerts au Conservatoire de Musique de Genève
  • Concerts au Victoria Hall
  • Pièces de théâtre au théâtre du Loup à Genève
  • Musée olympique de Lausanne


Throughout the year, pupils celebrate Swiss and French festivities such as l’Escalade, l’Epiphanie (Galette des Rois), La Chandeleur (pancake party), Mardi-Gras (Carnival) and Pâques (Easter).