Geneva English School



At GES we want our children to develop a love of mathematics and see its value in the real world. Lessons are designed to be stimulating and engaging, offering high levels of challenge through reasoning and problem solving tasks which require the application of mathematical skills and concepts.

Our scheme of work is based around the principles of mastery in line with the National Curriculum. Concepts are blocked to enable a secure and deep understanding of each mathematical area before progressing to the next. Skills are embedded throughout subsequent topics to allow for repetition and application of skills e.g. fundamental place value skills will be applied to the four operations, fractions, decimals, percentages and measurement topics.

From the Early Years through to Year 6, mathematical concepts are explored in a variety of representations, from pictorial to abstract, enabling children to visualise concepts and deepen their overall understanding. Daily fluency practice develops children’s recall of number facts and ability to calculate efficiently.

The way pupils speak and write about mathematics consolidates and deepens their understanding. Our mastery approach uses a carefully sequenced, structured approach to introduce and reinforce mathematical vocabulary. Children should be able to say not just what the answer is, but how they know it’s right. This is key to building mathematical language and reasoning skills.