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History & Geography

History & Geography

Whilst we generally follow the National Curriculum in England for History and Geography, much use is made of our local and international context and environment. Geneva and its surroundings provide a rich diversity of culture, language, history and geographical features ensuring that children have first-hand experience on which to build their understanding.

Excursions to museums and other places of interest take full advantage of learning out of the classroom.

We look to encourage an interest in the world, its history and its people. Children learn how other people live and have lived, making the most of connections within our own community of students and staff when we can. Emphasis is put on the ability to find information from a variety of sources, to communicate findings through an appropriate medium, to interpret texts, pictures, charts and maps, and to evaluate information.

In Geography recently, following Barry Gray‘s visit, the whole school got involved in several Antarctica projects, focusing on its geographic situation, climate, glaciers, animals, explorers and more.

This year both campuses have embarked on the project of creating a time capsule, aiming to collate memories of this peculiar time in History – the first time that a pandemic has had such an impact on the daily lives of people around the world. We hope that when the capsule is opened, perhaps 20 or 50 years in the future, pupils, parents and staff at GES will be fascinated to find out what it was like to live through this period.