Geneva English School

Head's Welcome

Head’s Welcome

Welcome to Geneva English School (GES)!

We are an academically successful, popular, all through school (3 to 18) based just outside of Geneva on the shores of Lake Leman overlooking Mt Blanc. Our stunning location, first-class facilities and wonderful teachers ensure that our students are happy and successful. As one parent recently told me ‘you never see an unhappy child at GES’.

Our school is a welcoming and thriving community with students following the British National Curriculum from ages 3 to 18 with a wide number of GCSE and IGCSE courses between ages 15 and 16 followed by A Levels from age 17 to 18. We believe that the rigorous and demanding UK curriculum is second to none. It gives students a broad exposure to learning when they are younger and then allows specialisation in areas of interest as they get older.

Our academic record is outstanding and comparable to the best independent schools in the UK and globally. At A level in 2023 almost 50% of grades were either an A* or A and all students passed their A level exams and went to university- both in the UK and across the world. At GCSE our average grade is an A (7) and our results in 2023 put us 30% above the independent school average in the UK with 76% of grades an A* or A (7, 8 and 9). We are immensely proud of our academic record and continue to ensure all students do well.

We may be English in name, but our school community is as diverse as the Geneva area we serve – we are very much an international school. We have students and families from the local missions, the UN, and NGOs as well as families that work in the corporate sector and those that live locally. At the last count, we had 48 languages spoken at the school. All of our lessons are taught in English and we offer a bilingual Pre-School. We ensure that our students are taught French throughout their time with us and are supported in gaining formal qualifications in languages that they may speak at home. Our A Level pathway includes the requirement for students to reach a high level of French or German so that they can study in Switzerland, France or Germany as well as the UK, US and other countries.

We are deliberately a small school, focused on getting to know our students and their families to ensure that students are challenged and supported through their childhood and teenage years. We understand that young people are under more and more pressure and recognise that adolescent mental health is an issue in society as a whole. At GES we ensure that students are not overtested and that they get to experience the world around them, are exposed to theatre and music, and excel in individual and team sports. We offer a large variety of clubs and after-school activities to develop our students, make sure that they know what is right and wrong as well as understand and celebrate different perspectives and diversity as a whole.

I am very proud to lead such a wonderful and energetic school. Every day I go into lessons and see happy students being challenged by excellent teachers. I speak to students at break and lunchtime who are polite and enthusiastic about learning and have a strong sense of right and wrong. As truly international citizens, our students have the ability and experience to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Please arrange to come for a visit, watch one of our videos, look at the virtual tour or follow us on social media. If you would like to join us as a new family or work with us then please follow the links below, we would love to welcome you to the GES family.

Matthew Williams  – Head