The magic I experienced at GES

Date Posted: Thursday 04 February 2021

Tom Roberts was a student at GES and has recently returned to see the teacher’s side of the school on a work experience.


Why did you choose GES for your work experience?

I chose GES for my work experience as I remember the magic I experienced when I was here as a student and wanted to see if it transpired into wanting to be a teacher as well. Another reason I chose GES is that the school now has both a primary and a secondary school. I am currently unsure of which age group I would like to teach in the future and I am very lucky to experience what teaching all age ranges feels like here at GES.


When did you arrive at GES? Who were your teachers? 

I started at GES in 2005. The teachers I had at the time and who are still around today are Mrs Power, Ms Scott, Mrs Wiesendanger, Mrs Ball and Miss Fortune. The headmaster when I started was Mr Unsworth and when I left it was Mr Baird.


At the time, GES was only a Primary school; where did life take you afterwards? 

GES was only a primary school at the time, so I left at the end of Year 6 in 2012 and went on to study at Ecolint, La Chataigneraie.
I’m now a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Exeter studying for a BA in History.


What are your best memories from your time here? 

My best memories of GES are playing football at lunchtime and being part of the COBIS games squad which went to Prague in Year 6. (I even still have a picture from that time.)


Are you still in touch with friends you made at GES?

Many of my GES friends remained my best friends through secondary and I am still in touch with many of them even though we’re all at separate universities now.


Thank you, Tom, and all our best wishes for the future.